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Set includes:
55 BYN/day

Astera Titan FP1 - this LED lamp Titan Tube has been designed specifically to provide high-quality lighting on the set and working in television and film industry. Has a waterproof and controlled remotely. LED tube shows extremely high values ​​TLCI index, CRI and peak brightness. Adjust the color, shade selection, intensity and saturation parameters are set directly via the device menu. Titan Tube can also be connected to the network via a dedicated DMX Hybrid cable power and data.

The unique capabilities of Titan Tube Talkback +
This function allows you to search for and identification of all available instruments, adjust them, check their status, configure addresses and profiles of DMX.

Work without interruption to charge
Set to adjust the duration of your event and make sure that the devices will fulfill it to the end, preserving the maximum brightness.

Calibration TruColor
Individual calibration instrument provides 100% color saturation and high color quality when adjusting the color temperature and reproducing standard gel filters.

Fast programming of different colors and effects. You can customize the transitions or turn on the sound activated.

absence of flicker
Adjust the frequency of the PWM light devices and when shooting you completely get rid of the flicker.

Adjustments green / magenta
Adjust Green / Magenta in preparation for the video recording to reduce the amount of post-production work. Scheduled Standby Switch devices in standby mode to save power and program the switch on the timer at the beginning of the event.

The planned standby mode
Switch devices in standby mode to save

Dynamic Bass Power
This is a unique feature It allows the device to work at maximum brightness and achieve greater intensity of color osvescheniya.rgii and program switch on the timer at the beginning of the event.

Emergency operation
This mode is activated when power is off. The unit switches to white to ensure the safety of the event.

Anti-theft protection
Light devices provides visual and audible alarms, and send notifications AsteraApp application if they are moved during the event.

Function DJ
determinant BPM automatically analyzes the beats per minute and adapts the pre-programmed effects to this value, the flash button is held down, can trigger special effects.

Dynamic Bass Power
Appendix AsteraApp ™ is equipped with various additional functions. Developers often add new features that are available when you upgrade the software.