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10 BYN/day
Projection nozzle Dedolight Imager DP1 - is used to obtain precision and accurate black and white drawings with an infinite number of variations. The nozzle is inserted into the front accessory slot, available on all Dedolight instruments of the classic series, as well as on the DLH200D. Imager nozzles can also be used on conventional devices with a Fresnel lens, but with a significant loss of quality and efficiency. Dedolight instruments and Imager nozzle are perfectly matched optical systems, the total light output of which is much higher compared to other devices that have much greater power consumption. Imager provides clear shadow, high resolution and sharpness, as well as unrivaled contrast between light and shadows, with the complete absence of chromatic aberrations at the light-shadow transitions. For the nozzle, there is a large selection of interchangeable optics, which allows you to play with different sizes and intensities of projections, depending on the tasks to be solved, whether it be desktop shooting of advertising or large pavilion shooting.