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45 BYN/day
The Canon EOS 7D DSLR - is a semi-professional camera ideal for reportage photography. It has an excellent autofocus system, high shooting speed. This is a great, the most affordable option not only for beginners, but also for true professionals. You can profitably rent a Canon 7D in Minsk in our company. Magnesium alloy is used to make the camera body. Some parts are made of durable plastic. The camera is well protected from moisture and dust. Thus, high humidity or dustiness will not interfere with photography. The camera has 10 modes, including 3 custom settings. Thanks to them, you can save the current settings and get the fastest access to them in the future. Among the most interesting modes are the following: manual exposure; aperture priority; shutter priority; auto exposure; creative auto mode; full auto. The last 2 auto modes will be the most interesting for beginners. They allow you to almost completely automate the shooting process. The parameters will be set automatically thanks to the sensors, and the photographer will just have to point the camera and shoot.