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Set includes:
45 BYN/day
The DJI Mic Radio System is a 2-channel audio recording kit that includes two transmitters, a receiver and a dedicated charging case. The signal transmission range in open space can reach up to 250 m. The system is useful for recording sound when shooting an interview, live performance, vlog or any other genre where speakers are involved. Each transmitter is equipped with a built-in omnidirectional microphone and internal memory providing up to 14 hours of 48000 Hz WAV 24-bit recording. On the body of the receiver is a display to control the process of work. The radio system is compatible with a wide range of devices from smartphones and cameras to PCs and laptops. The receiver supports wired connection using USB Type-C, Lightning and TRS 3.5mm. The charging case provides full and simultaneous charging of the entire set up to 1.8 times. The device has a -6 dB spare track function to protect against unexpected distortion. The input/output sensitivity is adjustable from -12dB to 12dB.