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Set includes:
800 BYN/day

Insta360 Pro Panoramic Camera is a compact device with 6 lenses that shoots 360° video at 8K resolution and frame rate up to 30 fps, 360° 3D video camera allows you to shoot at up to 6K resolution and 30 frames per second. 8K is 4 times the resolution of 4K and provides a reasonably clear picture when watching 360° video. Streaming 360° 3D 4K video. The camera is capable of streaming 4K 360 video to compatible live streaming services such as YouTube and Facebook Live. Recording to SD memory cards or USB drives. All videos and photos can be recorded on an SD memory card, and if more storage is required, a USB SSD hard drive can be connected to the camera. There are several options for recording to a memory card - from pre-linked JPG and MP4 files to RAW photos and individual videos with an extended color range from each of the 6 lenses. Battery life up to 75 minutes.

The camera can shoot on a fully charged battery for up to 75 minutes if the charge gets low and shooting needs to be continued, the included AC adapter can power the camera and charge the battery at the same time. Shooting resolutions: 360 Photo: 7680 × 3840 (8K) maximum (real-time stitching or post-processing) 360 Video: 7680 × 3840 maximum, 30fps (8K) (post-stitching), 3840 × 1920 maximum, 30 fps (4K) (live stitching/streaming) 360 3D Photo: maximum 7680 × 7680 (8K) (real-time stitching or post-processing) 360 3D Video: maximum 3840 × 3840, 24 fps (4K) (stitching in real-time/streaming), maximum 6400 × 6400, 30 fps (6K) (post-stitching).