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The Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L USM - is a professional lens that is a first-class example of the most common telephoto zoom range. Not differing in the limiting magnification values, these (and those close to them: 80-200, 70-210) cover such an important and practically used focal length range that they became the first swallows in the world of zoom in general and in the world of professional ones, i.e. the fastest zooms in particular. The main advantage of this range is the ability to isolate and highlight the most essential part of the plot. A lot of photographically interesting events take place in the range of viewing angles from slightly above standard to moderately long focal angles. There are at least four constantly demanded focal lengths located here, and the ability to quickly and smoothly adjust them not only speeds up the shooting itself, but also effectively helps to build an artistically completed composition. This lens has the highest aperture ratio for modern zooms and the image quality, according to the company, is not inferior to the image quality of the best fixed focal length lenses throughout the entire zoom range. Such characteristics were given at a considerable price: this is, perhaps, the only lens of the company, in which four lenses made of low-dispersion optical glass are used at once. In terms of efficiency, this is equivalent to at least two lenses from the more expensive and capricious fluorite in processing and provided excellent contrast and image sharpness. The USM motor provides fast and quiet autofocusing. By moving the inner lens group, the shortest focusing distance is reduced to 1.5m, which is a real boon at focal lengths over 135mm. The FT-M mode eliminates breakdowns in the autofocus system when accidentally or deliberately switching to manual focus at any time during shooting. The lens is fully compatible with branded extenders 1.4 and 2 times increasing the focal length. Thus, the photographer gets two more high-quality autofocus zooms 98-280 f / 4 or 140-400 f / 5.6. This lens is almost a must-have for the demanding EOS professional.