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18 BYN/day
The Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM lens - is your ideal for portraits. It's sharp already at open apertures and really shines when you close the aperture down to f / 2.8. Despite its portrayal purpose, the lens can be successfully used both for reporting and for working on genre scenes. The high aperture allows it to be used in low light conditions (just remember that even at f / 1.8 it will be difficult for you to keep both eyes of the model in the field of focus - the depth of field is too small). And on a sunny day, you will notice how quickly and accurately the lens forms bright, vivid images even at closed apertures. The lens will perform very well in difficult shooting conditions - for example, in church or at concerts, as well as when shooting sports. The Canon EF 85 f / 1.8 USM features a circular 8-blade aperture that, when combined with a long focal length, attractively blurs the background, making the main subject stand out. The optical design of the lens includes 9 elements in 7 groups. Thanks to an elaborate design including an aspherical lens, the lens produces images with accurate color reproduction, good resolution, excellent sharpness and contrast across the entire frame. A special light-absorbing coating on the inner walls of the lens, as well as the use of Super Spectra multilayer coating, eliminate the possibility of glare and re-reflections, which often reduce the quality of images obtained with digital cameras. At the same time, slight vignetting is preserved on cameras with a full-frame matrix up to an aperture of about f / 2.0. Autofocusing is carried out using an ultrasonic ring drive USM, which guarantees high accuracy and speed of focusing with almost complete noiselessness of this process. Focusing is done by moving the lenses internally, so the front element remains stationary during shooting. This allows you to conveniently use circular polarizers and other attachments, the action of which depends on their position on the lens.