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15 BYN/day
Flash Canon Speedlite 430EX II - is a new version of the Canon 430EX of Canon's lower line of flash units. Unlike the Canon 580EX II, the Canon 430EX II cannot be the master flash in a group, and the guide number of 43 (ISO 100, 105mm zoom) makes the portable and compact Canon 430EX II powerful enough for bounce flash. and for working with a telephoto lens. When used with compatible cameras, E-TTL II metering provides accurate metering in all situations where light bounces off a wall or ceiling. For additional control of flash output, you can manually set in 1/3-stop increments, changing the power fraction from 1/1 to 1/64.

The zoom range of the flash head is 24 - 105 mm, and with the wide-flash adapter (built-in) it is 14 mm. When used with a compatible DSLR, the Canon 430EX II automatically detects the camera sensor size and zooms to the flash head for optimal lighting. This reduces unnecessary lighting, reducing battery drain and recharge time. The Canon 430EX II uses 4 AA batteries to keep it lightweight, portable and compact enough to carry around. Recharging takes about 20% less time than the previous model, is virtually silent and won't scare off cautious wildlife. The Canon 430EX II flash covers 1-9 AF points and is equipped with infrared light to provide the contrast needed to focus the lens when shooting in low light conditions.