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25 BYN/day

Kinoflo 2ft 1Bank - provides an unusually soft luminous flux of high intensity. Dimmable without changing color temperature, without flickering and high-frequency noise. This is achieved by turning off the lamp and the angle of inclination of the device to the object. The type of lamp used for 4Banc 2ft is F40 / T12. The device can work with different color temperatures. The color temperature is changed by replacing the lamps, they can be 2900K (KF29®), 3200K (KF32®), 5500K (KF55®), or color - Blue Screen 420nm, Green Screen 525nm.

KinoFlo has received high awards for its True Match range with calibrated color temperature. Thanks to this, all devices with True Match lamps can be used in film production, television and for photography. The device body is very light, has a special ball-shaped mount, which allows you to mount the device in different planes. In difficult situations, the case can be screwed directly to the scenery. The ballast is located separately from the device body and is connected to it by a cable 7.5 m long.

Due to this, the mass of the device does not increase, and you can remotely control the intensity of the light flux (turn on / off the lamps). It is worth noting that Kino Flo ballasts operate at a frequency of 25 kHz, as a result of which there is no interference with the audio frequency on the site, and there is also completely no flickering of lamps. The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the lamps and their service life only with KinoFlo ballasts. And vice versa, the correct operation of ballasts, only with KinoFlo lamps.