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Set includes:
5 BYN/day

GoPro Suction Cup Mount - when you decide to rent/rent the GoPro Suction Cup Mount, you get a main suction cup and 4 different connectors. It sticks to a smooth polished surface and the suction cup is one of the strongest in the class. An indispensable kit for beginners and experienced videographers, as well as thrill-seekers who want to capture their tricks.

Thinking about whether to take the original GoPro Suction Cup Mount or another, the priority will be that the material and degree of fixation are developed by GoPro engineers. The design allows you to rotate the gadget for shooting up to 180 degrees. A strong vacuum is provided by silicone, and modern hardy plastic ensures the formation of high pressure during fixation.

Suitable for fixing on smooth surfaces. Mounting and dismantling occur quickly without the use of force and complex skills in operation. Can be fixed to a static and dynamic surface, such as a windshield, table, bedside table or car dashboard.