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Set includes:
15 BYN/day
The BOYA BY-M1 clip-on microphone is a legend among clip-on microphones on the market. This model is used by hundreds of thousands of the most popular bloggers, reporters, cameramen, and just people who are not indifferent to the quality of sound recording in their video. This is a classic 6-meter lavalier microphone and can be connected to both action cameras and smartphones, as well as regular photo / video cameras. BOYA BY-M1 Universal condenser lavalier microphone with omnidirectional pattern. The versatility of the microphone lies in the possibility of using it with DSLR and video cameras, as well as audio recorders and even tablets or smartphones. The connection plug is also universal - it is 3.5mm with gold-plated contacts. The package also includes an adapter 3.5mm-6.3mm. The length of the BOYA BY-M1 microphone cord is about 6 meters, which will allow it to be used in almost any task. The microphone is equipped with a special block in which a replaceable lithium battery is inserted with the ability to turn off. The attachment of the capsule of the BOYA BY-M1 lavalier microphone is carried out using a reliable metal clip, so that the microphone can be discreetly attached to clothing or interior items. Its compact size, but at the same time high-quality sound recording with a minimum level of internal noise and a long cord, makes it possible to use the BOYA BY-M1 microphone in various situations - from studio filming to interviews or vlogging.