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The Nikon F-801 film camera - is the semi-professional film successor of the Nikon FE2 manual focus SLR, which was produced until 1987. The success of the F-801 led to an updated version of this camera in 1991, designated F-801S / N8008S. It has improved autofocus performance and includes spot metering, but retains the reputation for reliability of the original model. In the early 1990s, the F-801 dominated the company's consumer autofocus lineup, which also included the F-401 and F-601. More advanced and expensive professional autofocus DSLRs included the Nikon F4. Like the Nikon F4, the F-801 is generally compatible with most Nikon AI and AF F-mount lenses, although some features are not available depending on the lens type. All functions are available when used with AF type lenses. Non-CPU lenses (AI and AI-S) are supported, but only manual exposure programs and aperture-priority programs using center-weighted metering are available. Autofocus is not supported with AF-I and AF-S lenses, and vibration reduction (VR) is not available regardless of lens. The new G-type lenses can be used with exposure and shutter priority programs (although they can be used in manual or aperture-priority programs, but only at minimum aperture). The F-801 continues the trend set by earlier Nikon cameras such as the F-301 / N2000 and F-501 / N2020 in that it does not have an ISO cable-release connector. Instead, all remote communication with the camera is done through a two-pin remote terminal on the front of the chassis. It is possible to use an ISO shielded cable release by purchasing an MR-3 limit release and attaching it to a remote terminal. Despite the complexity of the camera (900 parts, two microcomputers and eight chips), both the F-801 (N8008) and its successor, the F-801 (N8008s) enjoy an enviable reputation for extremely reliable performance and durability, which is the weak point of many mid-range SLR cameras. AF level. Although the F-801 is numbered in the range of numbers normally reserved for amateur cameras (not indicated by a single number after F, such as F3), the F-801 was built to high standards and had a number of professional features:
- Depth-of-field preview button allows you to pause temporarily before aperture to check depth of field.
- The multiple exposure function allows you to take up to nine pictures in one frame.
- Unique two-shot self-timer. “This made it possible to take a second self-timer shot a couple of seconds after the first, giving a more" relaxed "and unexposed shot.
- Fully programmable automatic exposure, aperture priority, shutter priority and fully manual exposure control.
- Shutter speed range from 30 seconds to 1/8000 second in manual mode.
- Setting the sensitivity from the DX code or manually (from 6 to 6400 units ISO). 1/250 sec. flash sync.
- Evaluative 2D matrix and 75% center-weighted metering modes.
- Compatible with Nikon Multi-Control Back MF-21, providing focus lock, data printing and automatic exposure bracketing.