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50 BYN/day
DJI Ronin-M Electronic Gimbal - designed for DSLR cameras and system mirrorless cameras, which have begun to be actively used in video production. Steadicam differs from its older brother in weight - only 2.3 kg provide smooth and even, without jerking, stabilization in any conditions: running, stairs, travel by car. At the same time, the steadicam provides stable operation with a permissible load of no more than 3 kg, the maximum load recommended by the manufacturer is 3.6 kg. It should not be overloaded under any circumstances - this may damage the steadicams. The DJI Ronin-M brushless motors are incredibly precise and powerful while maintaining low vibration and increased torque. Each axis contains digital absolute positioning sensors, which makes these motors the leaders in their field. It also gives a much greater range of controlled motion on the 105⁰ up and 165⁰ down tilt axis, and ± 110⁰ on the roll axis. In addition, the electronic gimbal incorporates SmoothTrack technology, allowing a single operator to achieve smooth camera movement in any axis, without external control. The gimbal controller will track all of the operator's movements and repeat them, smoothing jerks and movements at different speeds. Smoothness of tracking depends on the achievement of the speed of rotation of the frame and its dead points. Various stabilization modes allow you to fix one or two axes of the direction of your camera. The DJI RONIN-M Steadicama uses a new magnesium frame that can be used in the harshest environments, and the increased rigidity is provided by a monolithic magnesium U-fork. This one-piece design eliminates the disadvantages of such multi-piece assemblies assembled together. The steadicam has 3 modes of operation: Underslung Mode, when the camera is positioned below the handles. The most common and easiest way to shoot (DJI Ronin-M keeps in front at chest levels). The second is Upright Mode, where the camera is positioned above the handlebars. Shooting is carried out at or above eye level (DJI Ronin-M is held high, up to the level above the head). This method is suitable for shooting from a car sunroof or over a crowd of people. The third mode of operation, Briefcase Mode, involves positioning the camera to the side of the handles. Used for filming in a narrow space or for going through a doorway. Shooting is carried out in a rotated vertical position with only one of the side grips at the top.