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90 BYN/day
Lens DZOFilm Pictor 20-55mm T2.8 Super35 PL/EF - is a cine lens with a parfocal design. The internal design of the focus with floating elements virtually eliminates the "breathing" effect. The model covers the Super35 image circle, has a 270° focus angle and a standard M0.8 gear pitch. Parfocal design - the central image remains sharp while zooming in or out. The 16-blade diaphragm provides a natural transition from focus to de-focus, creating soft bokeh. Minimal "breathing" - Due to the floating structure, the "breathing" effect of Pictor zoom lenses is negligible during focusing. The light weight of 1.6 kg allows the model to be used for shooting from a crane, boom, tripod and other moving platforms. The lens guarantees high quality shooting of feature, documentary, commercial films. It provides crisp detail, cinematic structure, and organic images.