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Set includes:
15 BYN/day
H1n Recorder - allows you to easily record a variety of audio samples, be it live music, dialogue or sound for a movie. The H1n is the successor to the popular H1 recorder. Improvements include separate buttons for recording, playback and audio settings; new 1.25-inch backlit display for good visibility in all lighting conditions; a tone generator for synchronizing audio and video; auto-recording and auto-timer functions; front speaker; adjustable playback speed for easy picking of musical instrument parts. You can use the built-in XY microphones or connect your own microphone through the 1/8 "input. The new 1.25" monochrome display looks great in all lighting conditions. The interface is simple and intuitive, and the backlight turns on in the dark or when there is a direct directional source The Auto-Level function and built-in limiter enable distortion-free recording at up to 120dB - more than enough headroom for speech and live performances. The recorder's tone generator emits a beep to make it easier to sync audio and video on edit, and the auto-record and timer function continually writes a few buffer seconds before pressing the record button directly so you don't lose a good take. located at an angle of 90 degrees to each other , provide a wide stereo picture in the correct phase. If necessary, you can connect another microphone to the 1/8 "input. WAV (high quality) and MP3 (save storage space) are available. The recorder works up to 10 hours from 2 AAA alkaline batteries. Lithium-ion and nickel-metal -hydride batteries show even better results. At home, you can power the recorder from USB (cable and adapter are not included.) By connecting the H1n to a computer via USB, you can use it as an audio interface or simply copy audio tracks to hard disk You will also need the Zoom APH-1n accessory kit to work with the recorder.