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2 BYN/day
The Panasonic Eneloop 1900mAh AA Battery - is the most advanced battery ever. Pre-charged, they can store energy for 10 years (if not used), they are great for devices with any power consumption. Real еneloop are made only in Japan. Advantages of eneloop technology: long-term retention of charge; the ability to work with high discharge currents up to 4 amperes, because of this feature, eneloop AA copes very well with powerful LED flashlights, flashlights, cameras and any other mobile devices that require a high current output; high coefficient of resistance to frost, at -20 degrees - the loss of rated power is no more than 12%, while the best examples of conventional Ni-MH batteries lose about 20-30%; better retention of operating voltage. Many devices do not have power drivers and turn off when the voltage drops, typical for Ni-MH, to 1.1 volts, and the low power warning occurs at 1.205 volts; Longer life, 2-3 times more charge-discharge cycles and better capacity retention over the life of the battery. Application: digital cameras and flash units, minicomputers, players, children's toys.