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Set includes:
20 BYN/day
The DJI Phantom 4 ND/PL Filter Set - the professional Cinema series for the DJI Phantom 4 Pro camera includes 5 filters:
- 3 neutral filters (ND8, ND16, ND32)
- 2 neutral polarizing (PL, ND16 / PL)

Each filter is made of laminated glass in an aluminum frame, with AirFrame application of technology, is designed for installation without a counterweight, it will not affect the balance drone suspension.

A complete set of Cinema Series PolarPro for DJI Phantom camera 4 Pro includes a neutral density filters (ND), which reduce the amount of light reaching the CCD, and a neutral polarizing filters (ND / PL) - they are in addition to the properties ND filters also polarize light output.

to effect polarization filter does not transmit the reflected light when shooting water, glass surfaces, making them transparent. And also smoothes polarized light snow, sky photography, cloud, allowing you to achieve a more natural shades.