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85 BYN/day
DSLR camera Canon 5D Mark IV - differs from its predecessors with a 30.4 megapixel image sensor, 4K video recording, the ability to shoot at ISO 32000 (expandable up to 102400), as well as improved autofocus capabilities, recording and image processing and of course built-in GPS and Wi-Fi!

- The new 30.4 megapixel CMOS sensor allows you to create images with a high level of detail and low noise, even in brightly lit or very dark areas of the frame. Each of the 30.4 million pixels of the camera consists of two photodiodes that can be used together or separately. This allows you to create Dual Pixel RAW (DPRAW) files. This format contains two images shot from two very slightly different angles. This, in turn, will help fine-tune the sharpest zone during post-processing (using Digital Photo Professional software)
- Digital noise in the Canon 5D Mark IV has been significantly reduced and camera performance has been improved throughout the ISO range. At the same time, the maximum ISO value has been increased to ISO 32000 (expandable to ISO 102400). This greatly expands the capabilities of the Canon 5D Mark IV for shooting in low light conditions.
- Built-in lens aberration correction and Digital Lens Optimizer enhance the performance of Canon 5D Mark IV lenses by compensating for diffraction, chromatic aberration, and optical low-pass filter effects. And preset white balance modes such as Ambient Light Priority to preserve warm tones in artificial light or White Priority for neutral images expand your possibilities for working with light and color.
- The camera's improved AF system includes 61 points (of which 21 are cross-type), and the AF sensor can effectively focus even at light levels up to EV -32. When using Live View with Dual Pixel CMOS AF, this can be improved to EV -43. The Canon 5D Mark IV is equipped with a dedicated infrared-sensing metering sensor with a resolution of 150,000 pixels for highly accurate metering. It also works in conjunction with the camera's autofocus system to detect and track colored objects and perform face recognition. And the EOS iTR AF system dramatically improves subject tracking performance.
- The Canon 5D Mark IV is capable of detecting the flicker frequency of the light source and synchronizing the shooting time with the peak brightness of the flickering light source, which reduces the effect of flickering (works with flicker frequencies of 100 Hz and 120 Hz). The camera can shoot continuously at 7 fps (up to 21 RAW images or unlimited JPEG images). In Live View mode, continuous shooting is possible at 4.3 fps. with the ability to use servo autofocus.
- The video recording capabilities of the Canon 5D Mark IV camera are significantly expanded compared to their predecessors. Video recording is carried out in 4K format (the minimum write speed of CF memory cards should be 100MB / sec), as well as full HD and below. Slow motion at 61fps is possible in full HD mode, and up to 120fps in HD mode. In addition, the camera is equipped with a Dual Pixel CMOS AF system, which guarantees smooth and accurate focus transitions when shooting at any resolution. And HDR is now available when shooting video! - By alternating normal and underexposed shots, you can dim areas of a scene that are too bright or retain more detail in highlights.
- The Canon 5D Mark IV also offers high definition time-lapse shooting - up to 3600 frames for full HD video up to 2 minutes in duration. Microphone and headphone jacks let you record audio for video and monitor audio levels.
- The HDMI connector is designed to output uncompressed full HD audio and video to external recording devices and monitors.
- Built-in Wi-Fi and NFC technology let you connect the Canon 5D Mark IV to your smartphone, tablet or laptop, and directly to select cloud-based image sharing applications. Additional protection is provided by the support of FTP / FTPS protocols. The camera supports remote control using a mobile device with the Canon Camera Connect app installed (iOS or Android)!
- The built-in GPS module records the coordinates of the shooting location of each image and ensures the accuracy of the built-in Canon 5D Mark IV clock. This feature has become much more energy efficient, so now, even when enabled, the battery will not drain as quickly as before. GPS data helps organize images and store the coordinates of shooting locations.