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Set includes:
250 BYN/day

Astera Helios Tube FP2 Kit 8 - is a compact set of 8 FP2 Helios Tube bulbs. The FP2 Helios Tube is 550 mm long, which is half the length of the previous version. The device shows high values ​​of TLCI indices, CRI ≥96. The total power of the LEDs is 36 watts. White temperature is adjustable in the range from 1750 to 20,000 K, and color rendering from 3200K to 6500K. The light output is 1340 lumens with illumination per 1 m: 393 lux. The device can be controlled using the buttons on the case or the IR remote control; another control method involves the use of the AsteraApp mobile application with the optional leased wireless interface Astera ART7 AsteraBox. In addition, the Astera FP2 Helios Tube can connect to the DMX network through a special hybrid power and data cable (not included in the rental package).

Through the application, you can fully monitor the status of the device and make all the settings. The package includes an IR remote control that can turn on, turn off devices, activate colors and loaded effects. When working with a mobile application, you can use the IR remote control to confirm the settings for individual devices. Individual calibration of the instruments provides 100% color saturation and high quality color reproduction when adjusting the color temperature and reproducing standard gel filters. And adjusting the frequency of the PWM lighting devices allows you to completely get rid of flicker on the survey.

You can download the AsteraApp mobile app on the App Store and Google Play.