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Sony UHS-II SF-M Tough 277 MB/s SDXC Memory Card 128GB - Introducing the extremely reliable and ultra-fast TOUGH Specification SF-M Series Memory Card TOUGH Specification SF-M Series SD Memory Card is perfect suitable for shooting in difficult conditions. They are able to work even in the most adverse environment, and therefore they can be used by both professionals and amateurs. Thanks to their extreme reliability and high data transfer speed, you will certainly have time to capture even the most fleeting moments.

The world's strongest: 18 times more resistant to bending

Using an ultra-durable one-piece rubber body, TOUGH specification SF-M memory cards are 18 times more resistant to bending bending than standard SD cards. You can rely on such a reliable card in any conditions.

IP68 water and dust resistance rating
The SF-M series memory cards with TOUGH specification can withstand immersion in water up to a depth of 5 m for a maximum of 72 hours and are fully protected against dust penetration. Such characteristics allow these cards to be used in any shooting conditions.

Shockproof: withstands drops from up to 5m
The SF-M series TOUGH specification cards are made of high-strength materials, have a one-piece body and withstand drops from a height of up to 5m2.

The most durable one-piece memory card
Using an innovative one-piece body made of high-quality materials, TOUGH memory cards of the SF-M series are highly durable, allowing professionals and amateurs to shoot in any conditions.

Optimized design for reliable performance
The new TOUGH specification SF-M series memory cards do not have the fragile contact ribs and write-protect switch found on standard SD cards - exactly these parts break easily, which can prevent recording.

Fast write speeds
With high write speeds of up to 150 MB/s3, these cards allow you to shoot at high resolutions for long periods of time and clear the memory buffer faster.

Fast backup and transfer
Spend more time shooting and less time transferring and backing up your data. With read speeds up to 277MB/s3, even large media files can be transferred to your computer in seconds.

Ideal for High-Resolution Shooting
Our SF-M series memory cards with TOUGH specification support the V60 class, which means you can capture quality 4K footage and record with high flow rate. These cards are ideal for capturing all kinds of high definition video.