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Camera Blackmagic URSA Broadcast B4-Mount - the most affordable professional broadcast camera dual purpose that is perfect for online broadcasting and studio work as well as for sequential shooting. It allows the existing lenses and batteries, as well as eliminates the need for special information drives. Recording is carried out on standard SD-cards with traditional file formats used in broadcast applications, and non-linear editing systems. Thanks to its compatibility with inexpensive HD- and photographic objectives URSA Broadcast is the ideal technique for displaying online broadcasts. This broad functionality has no other comparable cost camera!

It is compact and has external controls to quickly change settings while shooting from the hip while working on a story. Due to the extremely accurate color and tone of the skin resulting image will be much higher compared to pictures taken on a much more expensive equipment. At URSA Broadcast is a special Extended Video mode, the use of which does not need to perform grading material. In addition, URSA Broadcast is perfect for lighting public events and conducting webcasts, and for its functionality it apart from DSLR

The traditional drives and common formats
URSA Broadcast -. First camera for the professional broadcast, which allows you to record on public maps SD / UHS-II and CFast. Image 1080i or 2160p is saved as files or .mov .mxf via DNx145 codecs, DNx220X and ProRes, however the resulting material is ready for use on existing studio equipment. Staff bayonet B4 provides an apparatus suitable optics, and if necessary it is easily replaced by mounting separately purchased EF, F and PL. shooting system can be supplemented with viewfinders URSA Viewfinder and URSA Studio Viewfinder, and converters Fiber line for signal transmission over fiber optic cable. This technique has the familiar controls, allowing the operator to get started right away. Due to such URSA Broadcast broad compatibility helps to save not only time but also money!

Shooting in HD or Ultra HD
URSA Broadcast has a 4K-sensor and the Extended Video mode, which provides more accurate color and skin with high dynamic range. Matrix is ​​designed for shooting in HD and Ultra HD, and the resulting image is extremely texture and detail, so it does not require additional editing. This means that filmed and easy to prepare a report to the show on the air. Due to the processing at the subpixel level and the use of anti-aliasing even HD-frames become extraordinary clarity, and support for Ultra HD-resolution camera makes this a universal solution for any project!

Blackmagic URSA - the most versatile broadcaster camera
URSA Broadcast is perfect for use on a variety of projects, from talk shows and entertainment programs to news reports and a multi-sports broadcasts . This model has a body MPE, HD and Ultra HD support, a functional and comfortable ergonomics, and the price is much cheaper, not only the traditional broadcast technology, but also in comparison with the DSLR. With this TV and Internet studio can purchase additional imaging equipment to produce more high-quality content. When you need to use auxiliary equipment has a range of accessories that allow you to create a customized configuration based URSA Broadcast.

Shooting concerts and sports events
URSA Broadcast - the perfect lighting solution for such events as live concerts and sporting events. The camera can be hand-held or mounted on tripods in different places of the arena. In this case, no harm will be the accessories: shoulder rest Blackmagic Shoulder Mount Kit, URSA Viewfinder viewfinder plate for battery kit and microphone. SD card will be perfect for recording material in HD-resolution and SD / UHS-II - video in Ultra HD. When working with the mixer is sufficient to add a converter to transmit messages to two-way communication signals indication and remote control commands via fiber optic cable. Since in this case, the IP-protocol SMPTE standard connection length can be up to two kilometers. Due Extended Video mode and support a high frame frequency image in HD and Ultra HD will differ accurate color, rich texture and excellent granularity.

Self webcast
Blackmagic Design has a full range of affordable technology, which allows you to turn coverage of local events in the real online translation of professional level. At the initial stage URSA Broadcast enough camera, equipped with a folding monitor mixer and ATEM Television Studio HD. In this case, the connection is performed by conventional BNC-cables. For more complex designs can add shoulder abutment and the viewfinder, and a converter for transmitting a signal over fiber and novelty ATEM 4 M / E Broadcast Studio. All ATEM switchers come with a free software panel ATEM Software Control, which is through the reverse flow will control cameras, transmit status signals and messages talkback one SDI-cable without the use of additional accessories. This enables real-time to create content ready for the show on the air. URSA Broadcast has built a base color correction tool, for advanced color grading is sufficient to add the console DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel. HyperDeck Studio Mini Recorder lets you record material, and Blackmagic Web Presenter - convert video to display on platforms such as YouTube and Facebook Live.

Shooting talk show
When you create a talk show is particularly important the quality of the visuals, which must meet high standards of television production. URSA Broadcast allows the use of professional tripods, lenses, and two-way communication headset, and transmit the signal over fiber optic cable. If you want to get a full-featured configuration for studio, the camera can add a viewfinder URSA Studio Viewfinder and converter Blackmagic Camera Fiber Converter. Switcher ATEM 4 M / E Broadcast Studio 4K with hardware control panel will provide switching between sources Ultra HD-image, overlay graphics, and other effects, and HyperDeck Recorder will help to record the program.

Reliable and lightweight design
Due body of URSA Broadcast magnesium alloy is exceptionally durable and lightweight. The design of the heat exchanger provides convection cooling without letting warm internal parts and components. The camera is equipped with a professional-grade connectors, an external display, soft-touch screen, and from the camera and create your own body kit has nine mounting holes.

operator comfort. Handheld and on the shoulder
URSA Broadcast provides operator comfort during the day and in any conditions. Due to the balanced design, it is convenient when shooting handheld and shoulder. can be used if necessary additional abutment shoulder, and a special mount enables in seconds to mount the camera on a tripod and return to the previous configuration.

broadcasting technology Just like traditional broadcast equipment, URSA Broadcast allows you to quickly choose the basic settings directly from the camera body without stopping the shooting process. For this the buttons, switches and other controls are grouped on the basis of logic. To change a particular setting, the operator does not need to be distracted from the action in the frame, or use the menu. In addition to the comfortable ergonomics, URSA Broadcast has a heavy-duty chassis and allows you to receive only high-quality image.

Status Display. Conclusion
overhead during shooting is important to have quick access to various service information. URSA Broadcast is a special display, which displays the time code, shutter and lens configuration, the battery indication status recording and sound levels. When working indoors the backlight can be turned on and outside the studio - disable. In each case, the operator will see a clear and sharp image!

Interchangeable bayonet. Compatible with virtually any professional optics
URSA Broadcast is equipped with a full-time B4 mount removable design for shooting in HD and Ultra HD. If you want to work on projects other optics, you can purchase additional EF mount, PL and F. This is the same camera is compatible with the widest range of professional EF-, F- and PL-lenses used in photography, film and television.

Folding Display
Folding display for monitoring directly on the job site. It can be opened and rotated, so shooting from the top or bottom position is incredibly simple task. The screen has high brightness and a wide viewing angle, ensuring accurate framing, focus and exposure. It is convenient for playback of clips and even slow fragments with a high frame rate, and to move to a new location, simply close the monitor.

connectors professional level
Unlike other professional cameras, URSA Broadcast is equipped with standard interfaces and is ready to work with any equipment. It has outputs 12G-SDI and HD-SDI, and a connector 12 for connecting the electronic viewfinder. There are two XLR-inputs for balanced analog or digital audio supporting 48V phantom power for external microphones. Additionally there is a 12-pin connector Hirose, LANC port, a 4-pin XLR-supply input and a power connector for a rechargeable battery plate with mountings V-Mount and Gold Mount.

The housing with mounting holes
For professionals it is important to have a technique that allows you to connect external microphones, large lenses and other accessories. URSA Broadcast camera can be equipped with standard accessories from other manufacturers, including rail systems and compendium. To use additional equipment and accommodation in different places at the top and bottom of the camera provides standard mounting holes 1/4 inch. shoulder rest is optional is mounting, with which to go to the shooting on a tripod to the manual configuration takes only a few seconds!

Converters line Blackmagic Fiber
Blackmagic Camera Fiber Converter and Blackmagic Studio Fiber Converter provide power along with the image and sound messaging two-way communication and status indication signals through a single optical fiber cable on the SMPTE standard. This allows you to place the camera at a distance of 2 km from the stationary or mobile television studio. On Blackmagic Camera Fiber Converter also provides the familiar controls and additional connectors, which are used to connect to the intercom system and switchers. Both models are equipped with an interface 12G-SDI to support all types of HD- and Ultra HD-formats up to 2160p / 60. With this converter, you can create a complete configuration set technology-based URSA Broadcast and URSA Mini, to work on the most complex projects!

The use of fiber-optic cables as standard SMPTE
Converters Fiber lines are designed to work with a hybrid fiber optic cable and connectors for standard SMPTE 311M and SMPTE 304, respectively. Such a cable has three pairs of conductors (optical, signal and power), and a central reinforcing element that provides reliable and long-term operation. After connecting to Blackmagic Studio Fiber Converter automatically checks the compound and then 200 current voltage supplied for powering shooting equipment and accessories. This allows you to place the camera at a considerable distance from the power supply network. Both models are equipped with a microcontroller to continuously monitor the power supply parameters, which instantly switches off when it detects an earth leakage fault or open circuit. Thanks to this protection mechanism to work with technology is completely safe.

Additional features control
controls at the studio camera typically located on the rear of the chassis, and the broadcasting - side. In addition to transmitting the signal through a fiber optic cable, Blackmagic Camera Fiber Converter also control set technique. This model supports three reverse flow has a 5-pin interfaces for two-way communication, two inputs for audio, and connectors TRACKER PTZ, and DC outputs and D-tap power for accessories. Due to this functionality, the operator can work familiar and comfortable way.

Port 10G
Blackmagic Camera Fiber Converter and Blackmagic Studio Fiber Converter have a 10G Ethernet port that allows transfer of software and reverse flow, two-way communication messages and status indication signals, control commands camera and lens on the IP-protocol with low delay. For this purpose, a coding and decoding 10-bit video compression without visual loss, so both models make it possible in future to use a high-speed Ethernet network with IP support.

ATEM Camera Control Panel
ATEM Camera Control Panel - a new compact console that provides control of up to four cameras URSA Broadcast, URSA Mini, Blackmagic Studio or Blackmagic Micro Studio remotely mode. It allows one person to change a number of important when broadcasting settings and parameters, including black level, sensitivity, color balance, and shutter speed. This allows other members of the crew to concentrate on framing and composing shots. Unlike traditional CCU blocks panel has a small form factor, so it is easy to move to the desired location and set on a table or sliding shelf. Since all controls are grouped on the basis of logical, easy to work with them, not only experienced, but the novice director ether. Another advantage - compatibility with all switcher ATEM!

Control four cameras
When using multiple pieces of equipment set is important to properly configure the entire system, to obtain a uniform video regardless of the angle. ATEM Camera Control Panel allows to control the four chambers with one hardware console. Each block device has an LCD display with buttons and rotary knobs as well as a full set of other controls for working in the professional content production.

Create content in real-time
ATEM Camera Control Panel has an Ethernet port for direct connection to an ethereal ATEM switchers or hardware console ATEM control. This allows you to create a single configuration based on ATEM equipment, which may include model ATEM 4 M / E Broadcast Studio 4K and console ATEM 1 M / E Advanced Panel.

Simple and quick control
ATEM Camera Control Panel has a traditional CCU controls unit, which makes the work fast and comfortable. When choosing a camera its number lights up red when the signal comes in ether. Moving the joystick vertically mounted diaphragm, turning - black level, and press to monitor the image that is currently displayed via an additional output of the switcher, and move quickly between sources to check the color. Thanks to this configuration, the required parameters can be changed almost instantly!