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30 BYN/day

The Dedolight DLH4 150W halogen lamp - is a professional precision lamp with a power of 150 watts (a 150 W lamp and a 150 W dimmer are installed in the source). The Aspherics2 lens system evenly distributes light throughout the field. The most versatile and versatile light source in the video industry. Dedolight's patented original optics are based on two aspherical lenses. Light is collected from the lamp and reflector, allowing the use of smaller front lenses, which ultimately allowed Dedolight to produce smaller luminaires compared to traditional movie devices.

At the same time, the reduced luminaire produces light comparable to much more massive luminaires, increasing the light efficiency at the center point and providing a focus range with a 23: 1 ratio compared to traditional 3: 1. Aspherics2 technology allowed to solve two traditional problems of cinema lighting: Firstly, to distribute the light evenly, without exposure to the center or along the edges (depending on the focus) throughout the focus range. Secondly, the distribution of colors in the illuminated area is improved, which avoids the bluish edges in some focal ranges. In this case, Dedolight produces a clean beam without scattering light.